Tell you the F-Stop Number of available light as they walk into a room. 

Focus on 2 areas of one scene at the same time. 

Capture the ambiance of a romantically lit room with out darkening the subject. 

Control, direct, bounce and manipulate photons to achieve a predetermined lighting scheme.   

Use the rule of thirds but also know when to break that rule for the sake of the subject matter. 

Freeze or demonstrate motion by understanding the basic functions of manual settings. 

Make static objects appear tall or short, deep or shallow with lens choice and setting adjustment. 

Enhance or diminish the mood of an image or scene by controlling its color depth. 

Understand the difference between bokeh and depth of field.   

Use the primary controls on his camera it achieve a desired effect. (and nothing more) 

Tell you where ever light in a room is placed simply by looking into your eyes. 

Make a monopod with his or her shoelace 

Use the glow of a candle for a perfectly lit portrait. 

Understand polarization along with when, why and how to filter it. 

Make a subject's skin look porcelain smooth with just distance and a telephoto lens. 

Photograph anything, anywhere at any time under any circumstances and make it look interesting. 

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